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In the event of a fire, building alarms will sound and the emergency lights will come on. Staff will enact rehearsed evacuation procedures with the children. 

Evacuation Process:

In the event of fire or natural disaster, each of our sites has a designated evacuation space.  Staff will stay with evacuated children until they are in the care of their families or other guardians. Parents will be notified as soon as children are safe and comfortable. 

Power Outage:

In the event of a power outage, we will follow the Evergreen School District's course of action. If power outages occur while school is in session, the following will occur:

• After one hour Infant's and Toddler's parents will be called for dismissal
• After two hours the rest of the children's parents will be called for dismissal

Parents are required to review our complete disaster plan upon enrollment and annually thereafter. Staff will review it annually.


Tree Hill Learning Center is prepared to care for your child in times of critical situations. In the event of an emergency that leaves our school safe and intact, parents will be contacted as soon as possible and children will be dismissed to authorized persons.

The staff at Tree Hill Learning Center conduct monthly emergency evacuation drills and/or earthquake drills with the children. Though we have never experienced a major disaster, we take precautions should an emergency state occur while your child or children are in our care. The most likely disasters identified for our site include: fire, earthquake, windstorms and winter storms.  

In the event of a disaster requiring children and staff to remain at the facility, we will have a 72 hour supply of food and water for children and staff.



Inclement Weather:

When public schools are delayed we will do our best to open our school at the earliest possible time. Our first concern is the safety of staff and students. Please call the school before leaving home if the weather delays public school openings.  


In the event of an emergency lockdown staff will gather children safely in their classrooms and lock doors until clearance is given by the Director.

A disaster plan for children with special needs will be developed individually and approved by both the parents and staff.  

Out of Town Contact:

If a disaster does occur, parents will be notified by phone as soon as possible. Parents may call the school at (360) 833-1230. If the emergency disrupts local phone lines, Tree Hill Learning Center has designated Megan Peck who lives in Wilsonville, OR as the out-of-state contact.

 She can be reached at (503) 936-0788

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