Tree Hill Learning Center celebrates all culturally relevant holidays to the children in our program. Please discuss the holidays your family celebrates with your teachers. Also, please also let us know if there is a holiday that you don't wish your child to partake in. We will make other arrangements to provide an alternate activity. 

We are closed for the following holidays:


• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving Day
• 12:00 noon on Christmas Eve
• Christmas Day

• 3:00 p.m. on New Year's Eve
• New Year's Day
• Memorial Day
• Independence Day

Notices of closures will be posted, but please check your calendars! 

Families who wish to share birthday celebrations may bring simple refreshments to serve at lunch or snack time. Please let classroom teachers know in advance when you would like to bring treats to avoid scheduling conflicts. Refreshments must be store purchased, and must clearly state peanut/tree nut free on the label.


Vacation billing and sick days: We do not credit accounts or issue discounts for vacation time or sick days. 


If you child misses a school day, they may use a make-up day within the same month at no charge on another day they would not normally attend, subject to classroom availability. Additional days may be added on a case by case basis, if a make-up day is not available it will be considered a drop in day and you will have a daily fee added to your tuition. 


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