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We use an electronic attendance system for parents/guardians and authorized persons to sign children in and out of Tree Hill. It is important that each person use their own Personal Identification Number when signing a child in or out at the tablets at the front desk, and Tree Hill administrative staff can assist with this process when needed. Keeping accurate attendance records is extremely important in the event of an emergency or emergency drill. 

If you need to pick up and return your child to Tree Hill during the day (e.g. for a doctor appointment), please be sure your child's teacher is aware of approximately when you are picking up and when you will be returning. You must sign your child in and out just as you would for normal drop off and pick up. PICK UP AND DROP OFF IS RESTRICTED DURING NAP TIME, PLEASE MAKE ARRANGEMENTS WITH THE FRONT DESK IN ADVANCE IF THIS IS A CONCERN.

Children are released only to persons for whom the staff has written permission from the parent/legal guardian. Families must update this permission when they wish a new person to pick up their child, as the child will not be released unless written permission has been granted. All legal guardians must agree on authorized pick-up persons.


Teachers/staff will request picture identification from anyone not known to them seeking to pick up your child, so please advise your designated pick-up person to bring a driver's license or other picture identification.

If a person picking up a child appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, 911 will be called immediately.



Parents or other family members are always welcome to help out and volunteer in our program at Tree Hill Learning Center. Regular volunteers must complete a background check and submit proof of negative TB test results and vaccinations when requested. All visitors and volunteers are expected to uphold our program's health and safety standards at all times. TREE HILL RESERVES THE RIGHT TO ASK ANY FAMILY MEMBERS OR OTHER VOLUNTEERS TO CEASE VISITATION IF IT BECOMES PROBLEMATIC FOR ANY REASON.

While we appreciate our parent's contribution to our school, volunteer time cannot be exchanged for tuition. 

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