During the school year our Camas school provides bus service to the following schools: 

Grass Valley Elementary

Prune Hill Elementary

Dorothy Fox Elementary

Fishers Landing Elementary

Our Vancouver school provides bus service to the following schools: 

Harmony Elementary

Emerald Elementary

Illahee Elementary

Before school we provide a breakfast option for children who arrive before 7:45 AM. The morning typically consists of quiet play activities, and some outside play time. 

After school, children are offered snack as soon as they arrive. After snack children break into either homework help groups or they may choose pick a center to play at with one or two other friends. Outdoor play is provided, weather permitting. 

Stay tuned for a calendar of events for Summer Camp 2022!


Our Redwoods program is designed for children in Kindergarten through fifth grade. We work hard to suit the needs of parents and children with the design of this ever-changing program. 


Miss Angel


Throughout the school year, there are many early release days and non-school days for a variety of reasons. We take this opportunity to provide some extra fun for our kids whenever possible. When circumstances allow, we take children in first grade or higher out into the community for field trips. Sometimes it is as simple as a trip to the park, or it may be an adventure to the zoo!

Our Summer camp is modeled on an all field trip design! Our Redwoods teachers work hard to plan four field trips every week, all summer long! The schedule is given to parents in the spring, and students who are six years or older and entering first grade or above when school resumes are eligible to attend. Many things may change over the course of a summer, so we always have a variety of back-up plans in case a scheduled field trip gets cancelled, or extreme weather prevents a particular outing. It is our goal to provide a safe and fun summer for all our kids, and we take great joy in our Summer Camp year after year!

*2021 COVID precautions: due to COVID restrictions we have limitations for the number of children we can transport on our bus. As a result we will be using an A/B field trip schedule so that each child will have 2 field trip days and up to 3 "home" days at Tree Hill. The majority of our trips will be to open air parks, and other outdoor activities. *