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Here at Tree Hill Learning Center we create our own original preschool curriculum. Our goal is to implement a program which provides ample opportunities for meaningful and comprehensive learning. We look to the children's interests, our understanding of educational theory, and individual developmental needs to guide us as we make our curriculum plans each month. The result is a relevant and dynamic program tailored to each unique group of children.

It may not always look like learning in preschool, we incorporate a lot of play-based learning into our program. Research shows that children do the most learning during play and we believe that this shouldn't stop after the toddler years. However if you watch closely you will see the progression of developmentally appropriate materials, the rotation of materials to keep the children's interest, and teachers challenging kids to experiment. Of course we're also preparing our friends for kindergarten, so they participate in large and small group activities designed for kindergarten readiness



This class serves as our very first preschool room, children may start in this room as early as two-and-a-half.  Our teachers provide a calm and welcoming environment in which the children can learn and thrive.

Our Willows are an adventurous, curious group who are learning how to work together towards common goals, how to work independently or with a teacher on a given task, and how to communicate and express themselves to convey more than their basic needs. 

Children may or may not be fully potty trained when they enter this classroom. Our teachers work with parents to complete the potty training journey, and we have a dedicated bathroom within the classroom to help aide this process. 

Willows Goals:
  • Potty Training
  • Clean-up
  • Self-help (jackets and shoes)
  • Intro to preschool (ABCs, counting, colors)



Three to four year-olds enjoy our Maples class. Children must be fully potty trained before entering this classroom. Children in the Maples spend their day working in large or small groups on theme-based activities, or with their peers at child-directed centers. Maples curriculum covers reading, writing, math, science, art, and social emotional development. 

Maples Goals:
  • Name & Letter recognition
  • Early writing skills
  • Number recognition and counting
  • Problem solving (peer interactions)

"All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind"

-Martin H. Fischer


Miss Taylor

Camas Willows

  • Check art files daily
  • Remember to dress for the weather! We love our outside time! 
  • Check cubbies often to make sure your child has weather appropriate extra clothes, or if anything needs to be taken home
  • Download the ProCare app so you don't miss any important information about your child's day! 
  • Any food brought from home needs to be dropped off to the kitchen and labeled (name & contents)



Four to five year olds make up our Evergreens class for pre-kindergarten. Our primary goal for the Evergreens is to prepare them for entering kindergarten. They work in large and small groups, as well as one-on-one with teachers on reading and writing skills, math, science, and art. They work on monthly themes and often invite parents to participate, so watch the schedule for opportunities to get involved! 

Evergreens Goals:
  • Writing name and all letters/numbers
  • Letter sounds
  • Number recognition and counting
  • Intro to addition and subtraction
  • Intro to high frequency words and CVC words


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