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Early childhood education has been shown to be a strong indicator of positive life outcomesChildren who attend high-quality preschool programs are more likely to graduate high school, go on to college, and succeed in their careers. And yet, 6 out of 10 four-year-olds across the US are not enrolled in publicly funded preschool. Privately owned preschools have the opportunity to meet this demand, as well as take pressure off public programs. 

High-quality preschool and child care in Clark County is in high demand. Total availability of child care has actually dropped, and only 35% of that care is center based. There are nearly 30,000 children under 5 years old in Clark County, and yet current available child care serves less than 9,000 children. 

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Investment Costs

  • $40,000 Licensing Agreement 

  • $200,000 for equipment and furnishings

  • 4% of gross sales per month

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