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Current COVID-19 Policies as of December 12, 2023

Our COVID policy is now heavily reliant on home testing. Please be sure to have a supply of home tests available. ​

  • If you or your child has any COVID symptoms, please take a home test. 

  • If someone in your household is positive, that means your child has had a home exposure

    • Test your child on day 3 after the exposure, even if the ill person is isolating. 

    • If they are negative they can return to school after day 3 with zero covid symptoms, but will continue to test through day 5

    • If your child is negative, but has any symptoms at all, they will need to stay home. 

  • -If your child has been exposed at school, we will send an email with all pertinent issues. 

    • -Our baseline procedure will be to implement a “Test to Stay” procedure

    • -Testing to begin on day 2 of exposure

    • -must show negative test (via email) each morning to come to school

    • -if your child has any illness symptoms, they must stay home regardless of test status

  • -Test to Stay will typically last for 6-10 days, but if positive cases continue to arise it could be extended. 

  • Your child will be sent home if they present with any of the below symptoms: 

    • Fever over 100.4

    • Persistent cough

    • green/yellow discharge from nose or eyes

    • Sore throat

    • 3 or more episodes of diarrhea

    • Vomiting

    • Unexplained rash

    • Conjunctivitis

    • Evidence of head lice or other parasites

We know some people think that these procedures are a thing of the past, but due to our unique environment we are continuing to uphold these procedures in the interest of curbing the spread of illness. It may be frustrating at times, but it does work. If we had home tests for RSV or Flu, we would have similar procedures for those illnesses. 

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